Mid Trial Review

Lauren Clarke and baby Ava-Rose playing during our mid-trial home visits.

The project team has reviewed in detail the technical, operational and personal aspects of the trial. Together these methods of qualitative and quantitative data provide us with insights into how people are using new technology, what work-around’s they develop to get the job done and what shortcomings there are in our current approach that need to be improved.

These are just a few of the key taking’s that have emerged from the mid-trial review:

1.     Mums and counselors weren’t just using Google Glass to communicate. A host of other communication tools have been often used simultaneously: instant messaging, video calls (through mobile phone and desktop computers) and regular phone calls.  Multi-screening is common across multiple devices.

2.     Counsellors aren’t just providing advice on breastfeeding but on the overall health and wellbeing of the babies and mothers, encouragement and support. 

3.     Peer community support is the central to the counselling service. Through online community group that was established for the project, we have been able to witness the collaborative online discussions, resource sharing and general support the group offers to both the new mums and each other.