Update: The future of the Project...

The Breastfeeding Support Project has completed its trial for 2014 with promising results. Small World Social would like to extend its gratitude to everyone who gave up their time and expertise – in particular the 5 women who participated in the trial: Lauren, Laura, Cath, Sarah-Jane and Emma.

After the success of the Australian-based trial, Small World Social and the Australian Breastfeeding Association have established a working party to scope out plans for a national trial of the platform during 2014. 

The project team remains committed to working across a variety of disciplines to support women and have been collaborating and forming networks with:

  • RMIT University, Industrial Design, Dr. Scott Mason
  • The University of Newcastle (UoN), Nutrition & Dietetics - Professor Clare Collins
  • Queensland University of Technology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Danielle Gallegos, Associate Professor
  • Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, The Royal Children’s Hospital, Dr. Julie Green
  • University of Sheffield, School of Health & Related Research, Dr. Clare Relton Senior Research Fellow (Public Health)

Innovation is always a challenge and the project team greatly appreciates the support of these thought leaders.

In the USA, the Small World team is developing Back To Business, a broader support program for professional women, of which breastfeeding will form a part. 

Awards and recognition: 

The project has continued to gain support and recognition from around the world with two recent awards for design and innovation:

  • Questar Awards, NY - Gold in the category ‘Emerging Media: Apps’
  • Questar Awards, NY - Winner of ‘Best in Show: Emerging Media’

The project team continues to bring the newest technology innovation from Silicon Valley to the project, with the team working through new approaches and ideas for mobile phone one-on-one coaching. 

Our delightful high-tech six month olds are continuing to do well and provide hours of joy to their families. The trial group mums have continued to support our important mission and generously shared their daily lives with families in the USA. 

ABA 50th Year: High tech counsellors of the future

Australian Breastfeeding Association Counsellors, left to right: Lisa Vandenberg, Debbie Yates, Jess Leonard, Leanne Bromley, Lynn Ng.

The Australian Breastfeeding Association has played a vital role in the community for 50 years. The organisation is built by mothers dedicated to helping mothers breastfeed with confidence and feel the support of their community while nursing their child.

The Australian Breastfeeding Association has supported Small World Social throughout the trial, with information, advice and counsellors dedicated to the project. The counsellors are based all around Australia, and like the entire ABA, volunteer their time at all hours of the day and night to help new mothers. In this, their 50th year, the ABA is still at the forefront of the community, and keenly developing with new technology to ensure their work reaches all Australian mothers.

We are proud to have worked with the ABA on this project, and celebrate the past, present and future of the organisation!

Our Journey: A Short Documentary

The world first breastfeeding support trial using Small World Social’s learning portal app and Google Glass is coming to a close and we have five very special women to thank: Cath, Laura, Sarah, Emma and Lauren.

These women have demonstrated tremendous courage sharing their most personal experience of motherhood with millions of people around the world, in the hope of helping others in their breastfeeding journey.

It takes a lot of courage to be at the forefront of a community and even more courage to be at the forefront of a country, less alone the entire world. 

Being a parent is full of moments of being afraid, our frontier women have shown tremendous courage. To respond to a public call for volunteers, for a trial using a new unknown technology, for something so personal - took a lot of courage. 

To be photographed, interviewed and filmed sharing their breastfeeding experiences with the world, also takes incredible courage. 

In Australia each year, we have 300,000 babies born who could benefit from your courageous efforts in participating in this world first trial.

We want to thank you and dedicate this film of the project to Cath, Laura, Sarah, Emma and Lauren.

Five Weeks, Five Beautiful Babies

Small World Social Breastfeeding Support Project Trial Participant Laura Loricco and baby Grace.

Small World Social Breastfeeding Support Project Trial Participant Sarah Jane and baby Patrick.

Small World Social Breastfeeding Support Project Trial Participant Lauren Clarke and baby Ava Rose.

Small World Social Breastfeeding Support Project Trial Participant Emma Crowder and baby Chloe.

Small World Social Breastfeeding Support Project Trial Participant Cath Sharples and baby Isabella.